Pan european SEPA solutions

bank_sepa.jpgMyBank leverages SEPA related instruments and investments to provide an online pan-European solution for harmonised payments across Europe.

MyBank facilitates Banks and other Payment Service Providers in providing online SEPA Credit Transfers as well as implementing SEPA Core Direct Debits in the online world. With MyBank SEPA Core Direct Debits customers can create e-mandates for one-off or recurring collections and easily modify or cancel them in real time and in line with European wide terms and conditions. This will effectively unlock digital payment and billing solutions across Europe to drive forward the growth of online commerce and services.

MyBank solutions are available for all types of devices – from PCs to smartphones and tablets. MyBank provides specifications to enable the electronic authorisation of payments through mobile device browsers, automatically directing customers to online banking screens with a layout and security specifically designed for smartphones and tablet browsers. 

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