FAQ for Businesses

Definitely yes:

  • You will extend your business to
    • customers who are reluctant to share their financial data on the internet
    • customers from other countries who might not be covered by your local payment services
  • You will not have to :
    • store and ensure the safeguarding of customers’ financial details
    • check financial details
    • process chargebacks requests for MyBank payments

MyBank solution is provided directly by the participating banks. You can contact them directly. They will provide you with their terms and conditions and technical requirements of the solution. Find here the complete list of MyBank Banks. 

This will depend on the bank who will give you the access to this solution. Each participating bank will offer a set of services starting with basic access and moving to a range of value-added services. The price of the standard offering should not be more than the fees you pay for existing online payment methods.

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