Flexible pan european payments

Flexible, transparent payments and refunds

businesses_flexible.jpgBased on SEPA payment instruments, MyBank allows for smooth cross border transactions both through SEPA credit transfers as well as through SEPA core direct debits. SEPA core direct debits are the ideal solution for flexible payment options and managing the customer relationship. With MyBank customers can create e-mandates for one-off or recurring SEPA core direct debits and easily modify or cancel them, while keeping you informed in real time.  

With MyBank refunds for payments made through SEPA credit transfers can be managed in an easy and efficient manner: since your bank receives the customer’s IBAN, the refund process takes place through the seller bank’s automated back office tools.   


Beyond online payments

MyBank is not a payment instrument in itself but rather a multipurpose e-authorisation solution which enables bank secure payments and transactions online. At the core of MyBank are the verification of one’s identity through their own banking portal and the real time authorisation of transactions. 

Because of this, MyBank will soon expand into new value added digital services from e-invoicing and person-to-person payments. The future will also bring forth a new set of services to facilitate the MyBank user experience including generating payments in non-euro currencies and e-identity services allowing for the secure verification of one’s identity and personal data to access services or authorize purchases restricted by laws and regulations.