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Customer confidence means higher conversion

Privacy concerns and customer lack of trust in the security of online payment methods are the most common reasons for abandonment of online purchases and represent the barriers to the growth of e-commerce.

MyBank helps you overcome these barriers by offering your customers the security of paying directly from their familiar and trusted online banking portal. 

When customers choose MyBank they do not need to share any confidential data with you or third parties, they simply go directly to their own home banking portal and pay with confidence. 

MyBank creates a direct contact between their bank and your business’ bank, guaranteeing maximum security to both them and you.

With MyBank, you can reach millions of online banking customers across Europe who are ready to start buying and paying online with the security provided by MyBank.


MyBank, advantages for all types of e-business

MyBank is a payment solution for every type and size of online business. For small web merchants it is easy to implement and cost effective even for small transaction volumes. For large multinationals MyBank offers a one-stop solution for e-payments across Europe, without the spending limits of credit cards. 

Companies like utilities can use MyBank to move from costly paper mandates for monthly billing to easy and secure e-mandates (Testimonials).

And MyBank allows the Public Administration to provide a convenient method for the collection of fines and taxes as well as a secure method to authenticate citizen identity.