Secure and confirmed payments

Real time authorisation and protection against fraud

businesses_secure.jpgThe banking security built into MyBank assures both you and your customers that payments are trustworthy. When your customer chooses to pay with MyBank, they are taken to their online banking account where they must authenticate themselves and confirm transaction details. The payment instruction is then processed by the customer’s bank and you receive real time confirmation of payment authorisation. The bank’s secure authentication of the customer minimizes the risk of fraud and immediate processing between buyer and seller banks means no reversals or charge-backs.

MyBank also allows you to obtain signed electronic mandates in real time over the internet. Since your customers are authenticated by their bank, no refunds due to mandate invalidity are possible beyond the statutory periods.


End to end security

When paying online, integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, non-repudiation and availability are the most important aspects of web security. MyBank ensures that each of these aspects is optimally met by basing its e-authorisation process on a sophisticated architecture and up to date secure web standards and protocols. Fraunhofer IAO, a leading institution in application-oriented research and development, continuously reviews MyBank security in order to assure security compliance and reduce risks to a minimum.