MyBank is easy, immediate and flexible

consumer_growing.jpgNo new registrations. No new accounts. No new passwords. No need to apply for special pre-paid cards or to top up e-money wallets for online transactions. You only need to have a bank account with a participating Bank and MyBank is ready to use. 

When you choose MyBank as your payment option you are simply transferred to your own online banking portal where you are in complete control. There you see and verify payment details and authorize with your familiar passwords. All the needed payment information is prefilled, so you don’t have to type in lengthy bank numbers or other codes. 

All your online payments are documented in your bank account, eliminating the need to check multiple accounts and credit cards to track your online payments and purchases.

You can use MyBank for one-off credit transfers or recurring direct debits for any size of payment, small or large. MyBank does not impose limits to the size of your payments as long as sufficient funds so you don’t have to ever worry again about credit card limits or third party payment account restrictions.


MyBank anywhere, on any device

MyBank is a Pan-European solution based on SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) banking instruments which means you can use it seamlessly throughout Europe. Due to its responsive design, MyBank enables electronic authorisation on all types of devices – PCs, smartphones and tablets – through your secure banking environment.

Today more than 200 banks across Europe have integrated MyBank to their online banking services. Click here to see if your bank is part of the growing MyBank community (Participating Banks).

You can find here our growing list of “Participating Businesses” to discover some of our online stores and businesses that have chosen to offer easier and safer solutions to their customers adding MyBank to their payment options.