A future of easy and secure digital transactions

consumer_more_payments.jpgAs our world becomes more mobile and less cash based, there is an increasing need to be able to make secure payments anywhere, anytime and to anyone. MyBank will soon be rolling out new services to satisfy these needs, from person to person payments to e-invoicing - for example to transfer money to friends or pay business professionals. With MyBank, even small tasks like paying for parking will become easier and more secure (A multi-purpose e-authorisation solution).

All about your identity

MyBank has been designed for more than payments. Thanks to the secure authentication mechanisms behind regulated banking technology, MyBank will also allow you to confirm your personal information like age and address or to sign documents without having to hand over that information to third parties. 

Online merchants and other organisations like public administration often need certainty of your personal data and/or legally binding signatures in order to allow you to purchase goods or access services. Because of this they collect personal information, typically by requiring you to physically transfer documents either in person, through the postal service or through email.  Not only does this take time, but it often ends up providing third parties with much more data than they actually need which raises concerns over privacy and the security of your information.

Through your online banking environment, MyBank puts you in complete control over who gets your information, how much information is needed and how safely that information is delivered. MyBank e-identity services use the same secure electronic authorisation from the online banking environment used for payment confirmation to simply confirm to a third party that your personal information is correct or to electronically sign a document.

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