MyBank protects you

consumer_secure.jpgWhen you choose MyBank you go directly to your own familiar home banking portal.  You insert the passwords you normally use for your home banking operations and you pay without ever leaving your confidential details with third parties. MyBank creates a direct contact between your bank and the bank receiving the payment which guarantees maximum protection to you.


You can trust MyBank like you trust your own bank

MyBank is the only Pan-European payment solution backed by the European banking industry with the security of your own online bank built in (About Us).

To use MyBank you don’t need to register or open any new accounts or credit cards.  With MyBank you simply access your money where you trust keeping it – in your own secure online bank account.


How MyBank Works

1. Once you're ready to pay, select MyBank as your payment method and type the name of your bank. You are automatically directed to your own online banking portal. 2. Enter your familiar online banking access passwords to securely enter your account. Your payment details are displayed for your verification. 3. Authorize the payment. In a few seconds you and the online business both receive confirmation of payment. 4. Your order is successfully processed and your goods or services are on their way.


Check here if your bank offers MyBank.