What is MyBank? 


Crossborder purchase on Jumbo

Step by step explaination of a crossborder purchase

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at Netcomm Forum 2017 - Part 1

Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of PRETA, shows the positive results obtained with MyBank in Q2 announcing news and developments of the solution.

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at Netcomm Forum 2017 - Part 2

Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of PRETA, describes the evolution of MyBank services, especially in proximity and in-store payments.

MyBank Identity Verification Service: the online banking to confirm your identity

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero and John Broxis: Open banking: ID verification & collaboration key

Giorgio Ferrero, CEO, and John Broxis, Managing Director, PRETA, talk about why banks should be interested in offering identity verification, and how to offset the risk that fragmented solutions for access to accounts under PSD2 could undermine the digital single market.

Interview with Cédric Derras – Unicredit and MyBank: The Key Role of Digital Payments

Cédric Derras, Managing Director – Head of Cash Management International Sales – GTB UniCredit, during an UniCredit MyBank roadshow event in Rome. Increasing customer mobility and the evolution of the purchasing process in a digital environment require more and more effective tools capable of adapting to these needs at any time and any place. 

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at Carte 2015 – Open Banking and APIs

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero, CEO of MyBank, at Carte 2015 about Open Banking and APIs and the challenges of banks and MyBank in this new scenario.

Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at SPIN 2015  What's next? 

Giorgio Ferrero, Executive Chairman of MyBank talks about MyBank achievements and what is coming next.


Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at EBAday 2015

Giorgio Ferrero, executive chairman of MyBank looks at the lessons learned from two years of MyBank installations as well as understanding the value of digital identity.

Interview with John Broxis at the EBAday 2014

John Broxis, Managing Director at PRETA S.A.S., provides an update on the MyBank solution a year from its launch and talks about the upcoming MyBank mandate service.





Interview with Giorgio Ferrero at Netcomm Forum 2017