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MyBank is an e-authorisation solution which enables safe digital payments and identity authentication through a consumer’s own online banking portal or mobile application.

Banking security is at the core of MyBank. MyBank creates a direct link between a customer’s online bank account and the online business’s bank which eliminates the need to collect and store personal data. Customer identity and confidential data are protected. Immediate authorisation of payments reduces risk of fraud and charge-backs. With MyBank, trust and confidence in online transactions is increased.

We have more than 10.000 contractualized merchants and 40 million clients reached.

how does it work?

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1. Select MyBank as your payment method and type the name of your bank. You are automatically directed to your own online banking portal.   2. Enter your familiar online banking access passwords to securely enter your account. Your payment details are automatically displayed for your verification.   3. Authorize the payment. In a few seconds you and the online business both receive confirmation of payment.   4. Your order is successfully processed and your goods or services are on their way.


MyBank is available for everyone who uses online or mobile banking and for every business or organisation which operates online, from web merchants to the public administration. And it is accessible on PC, smartphone and tablet.

what does it offer?

MyBank is multi-purpose and provides users the security of banking technology to sign up Direct Debits, confirm your identity or make payments.





Identity Verification

MyBank e-payment allows a customer to obtain a real time authorisation for the transfer of funds from a customer’s bank account to the online business’ bank account using a SEPA Credit Transfer   MyBank Mandates allows customer and businesses to create and manage a direct debit from their bank account for a one-off payment or for recurrent bills and invoices.   MyBank Identity allows an individual to confirm his or her identity through their bank account without actually handing it over personal data to a third party.


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