MyBank is Multipurpose

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MyBank is the key to your account in the digital world. It secures your account and keeps your data safe and unlocks a range of services for life in the digital world.

MyBank is multi-channel, multi-currency and multi-purpose

  • Multi-channel. MyBank can be used online via tablets, PC’s, smartphones, kiosks and terminals. A transaction can be initiated with a QR code, from within an App, from a link within an e-mail or by clicking a button on a website.

  • Multi-currency. MyBank is a light, secure authorisation solution. It can be configured to confirm a SEPA credit transfer in euros, a transactions in pounds, krona, florins, Swiss francs or any other currency.

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  • Multi-purpose. MyBank allows consumers and business to safely make payments. It also allows online trust services, such as confirmation of identity, confirmation of consent to enter into an agreement, confirmation of information, such as age.

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