Simplify payments AND services

pa_simplify.jpgPublic administrations across Europe are rolling out e-government solutions to cut costs, increase collections, improve efficiencies and implement Europe’s Digital Agenda. MyBank supports public agencies in building their e-government capacity by enabling them to include a citizen-friendly online payment method for tax collection, public school enrolment, parking and public transport, fines, etc.

With MyBank citizens and businesses can make a credit transfer or easily set up an e-mandate for recurring collections from the same online bank account they normally use to pay bills (What is MyBank).

And with the security and two-factor authentication process of the online banking environment, Public agencies can use MyBank to not only offer a safe method for citizens to pay taxes and services, but also begin to roll out online access to public services through secure digital identity authorisation provided through MyBank.



Italy has already adopted and activated MyBank as a payment option for Public Administration entities. MyBank allows citizens and businesses to make transactions in favour of public institutions across Europe, ranging from schools and hospitals to central and local administrations.

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