Harmonised payments across Europe

sp_europe.jpgMyBank is an e-authorisation solution which enables the use of the online banking environment for secure online transactions and identity protection.   With MyBank, online banking customers can use their secure banking portal to pay for goods through credit transfers, to manage direct debits for online billing, to transfer money through their mobile devices and to authenticate their identity online (How MyBank Works).

MyBank aims to drive forward the growth of European digital commerce by empowering all players with secure identity protection and trustworthy online payment solutions.  The MyBank solution was designed to support the key requirements voiced in the position paper of Ecommerce Europe by:


MyBank brings together Banks and PSPs into a single infrastructure with an integrated set of standards and rules to offer real time online payments and identity authorisation across Europe. Through use of the trusted and familiar online banking system in combination with SEPA payment instruments, MyBank unlocks digital payment and billing solutions for harmonised payments across Europe.

MyBank solutions are available for all types of devices – from PCs to smartphones and tablets.  MyBank enables the electronic authorisation of payments through mobile device browsers, automatically directing customers to online banking screens with a layout and security specifically designed for smartphones and tablet browsers.